2022 Board Elections


The 2022 HMC Board of Directors Election is now open. As a valued Member, you are entitled to a vote in our annual Board of Directors election, which is taking place virtually this year. For the 2022 election, HMC has 4 Board positions open, 1 of which is a Remote position. 

Ballots can be submitted from October 2 – October 31, 2021, either electronically or if preferred, mailed into the office. Only 2021 and 2022 Members and Lifetime Members are permitted to vote in this election.  Duo Memberships should submit TWO separate ballots.  Individuals who have a Membership at $250 may submit ONE ballot.  Duplicate or invalid ballots will be reviewed and eliminated.  

Results of this election will be announced at the Annual Membership Business Meeting at 6:30 pm on November 6, 2021, at the Barrel and Beam Brewery in Marquette.  

 If you have questions, please contact the HMC Office at info@hiawathamusic.org or call (906) 226-8575.

Candidates for the 2022 – 2024 Hiawatha Board of Director’s Election are provided below. 

2022 – 2024 HMC Board of Director Candidates

David Wood

I have been a member of the Hiawatha Music Committee for a number of years now. I started working as a member of the Music Committee under Chuck Ganzert’s leadership, and have worked well under that of Jane and Karen: including monthly and often weekly meetings over a busy year, every year. It is always LOTS of fun with a GREAT crew! As COVID subsides, I plan to attend more events at the Hiawatha Fold during our “off-season.”

As a Professor of English at Northern Michigan University since 2007, I have terrific writing and communication skills, and I am both well-organized and very driven to make great things happen. Additionally, I work well with others, labor hard in groups to develop a productive consensus, and aim to see all jobs through to completion. Musically, I confess I’m a pretty crappy guitarist … but a genuine and sincere music enthusiast: I love folk, progressive folk, blues, and bluegrass (though the early music of the Allman Bros. Band, featuring Duane on slide guitar, remains a personal favorite).

In 2017, I was selected the Michigan Association of State Universities (MASU) Distinguished Professor of the Year. I am humbled by this award, which was based on my successful teaching (chiefly of the works of William Shakespeare), my scholarship, and my service both to NMU and to my students. As the NMU Honors Program Director (2009-19), for example, I led countless NMU students of all academic majors on dozens and dozens of trips to see world-class drama and museums in Minneapolis (the Guthrie Theater & Minn. Institute of Art); Milwaukee (The Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Milwaukee Symphony, & Milwaukee Art Museum); Chicago (the Chicago Shakespeare Theater & the Art Institute); and Stratford, Ontario (the Stratford Shakespeare Festival). In order to offset the cost of these trips for students, I developed a real knack for fundraising in support of the arts and arts education.

 I am currently the father of three teenagers (gulp), so life is admittedly hectic. But I will be thrilled to play such an important role for the Hiawatha Co-op. My role on the Music Committee over the last number of years, and its interruption by this COVID fiasco, has made clear to me how important the Hiawatha Festival has been and remains to me and to my family. I look forward to serving on the Board for this very reason.


Jenna Hartom

Jenna Hartom

I was born in Marquette and, although moved away as a child, returned to my family’s property in Deerton several times per year throughout my life. Both of my parents graduated from NMU, and my father was the owner of Timeless Tools in Marquette from 1981 to 1991. Since childhood, I’ve been involved with the Hiawatha Music Co-op, attending the festival almost every year since 1982 and volunteering in various ways since 2006. Since 2014, I’ve been a monitor on the Festival set-up team. I’m currently a Director on the HMC board, fulfilling a 1-year term. During the past year, I was active on the fundraising committee, virtual festival committee, and the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant work group. I also assisted as a virtual festival monitor, attended weekly virtual Live at the Fold concerts and offered support while representing HMC at several events including Art Week and Music on Third.

At the University of Illinois, I studied art and psychology and managed the psychology department’s child development research lab after graduating. Then I moved to New York City to attended graduate school in art therapy at Pratt Institute. For nearly 15 years, I worked with various populations, including families in a domestic violence shelter, children with autism spectrum and other developmental disorders, adults with intellectual disabilities, and those with acute psychiatric illness. Throughout this time, I also volunteered for Free Arts NYC, fundraised for Autism Speaks and WellLife Network and secured a yearly grant from Materials for the Arts.

I am a nationally registered, board-certified art therapist, a licensed creative arts therapist in New York State and am currently in private practice, utilizing teletherapy with clients based in New York. I am a professional member of the American Art Therapy Association and the Michigan and New York State Art Therapy Associations. In 2019 my wife and I decided to leave NYC to experience living full time in the Hartom family cabin, next door to the Hiawatha National Forest. Here in the UP, we love spending time in nature–hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, canoeing, birdwatching, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. We are moving back to the NYC this fall, so I am pursuing a remote position on the board and would be honored to continue to serve HMC in this new capacity.

I believe I could continue to contribute to the success of the mission of HMC by offering support through brainstorming, contributing to grant writing, and fundraising in order to maintain the operations of the festival through the pandemic and beyond. Over the past year, I have learned a lot about how our organization works and hope that with that knowledge, I will only be able to contribute more in the years to come.

Two of my strengths are communication and reliability. I take time to carefully consider options and others’ points of view before making a decision, and I believe communicating has a lot to do with listening, which is something I practice daily through my work as an art therapist. I am also consistent and will follow through with tasks and commitments.

Regardless of whether or not I am re-elected to the board of directors, I will continue to give time, energy and resources to support the mission of HMC. I have made it a priority to volunteer at the festival each year because it is an exceptional event which has shaped and influenced me since childhood. Although I am applying for a “remote” position on the board, I am confident that I could continue to contribute especially through research and writing when those opportunities arise. I am fully committed to attend meetings virtually and help in any other way possible if re-elected to the board.


Emma Graves 


For a couple of years before joining the HMC I would volunteer during the festival weekend. I would welcome friends to volunteer with me for the benefits it offered and to encourage community building. It was common for me to volunteer at one of the gates at night or security. Also one year I was able to work at the gates once they opened. I tended to offer my time into the volunteer slots that were less popular in efforts to help have even distribution of volunteers. After joining the HMC I attended a few board meetings to learn and find new ways to start participating more. Shortly after covid hit I moved from Marquette so opportunities diminished greatly. When I volunteered in 2019 as a member of the HMC I worked throughout the weekend in the merchandise tent.

In addition to being a part of HMC over the years I have also volunteered with the Superior Watershed Partnership where I participated in environmental clean ups and conservation education. I was on the E-Board of the Food Recovery Network NMU’s campus where our goal was to decrease food waste on campus and reroute it to the community, such as the local warming center/Room at the Inn. While attending NMU I was also a member of EcoReps where I led volunteer events and workshops to educate and motivate fellow students and community members on the 3 pillars of sustainability (social, economic, and environmental).

I feel I could contribute to the success of the HMC through helping in volunteer events, share with community members about HMC and the positive influences it has on the community to expand the HMC network and help it thrive. I enjoy being active with groups to teach, learn, and motivate others. I value being able to help expand understanding on new topics through research and communication. I value my skills in outreach and making a good first impression with interested parties young and old.

The HMC is something I have been interested in since I was young. As a middle schooler I wanted to go to the festival to learn to dance and participate in the welcoming community. I was not allowed to attend until the end of my high school years and then learned about volunteering after I graduated. I have since been slowly growing in my appreciation and dedication to the HMC and would like to continue this connection. Being able to volunteer with HMC over the years has helped me in many ways and in return I would like to dedicate any of my own skills, time, and connections.


Jeff Krebs 


I have been a Hiawatha Board Member for the past 3 years.  I served as Board Secretary for 2 years.  I have been involved in the Festival as the Area Coordinator for the Children’s Area at the Festival, a performer in the Children’s Area and participated in many workshops over the years.  I helped the Co-op produce multiple Live at The Fold concerts over this past year.  

I am a business owner in Marquette with Yooptone Music and through this business I am able to support the Co-op in many ways.  I am also a musician known as Papa Crow and a member of the local band, The Union Suits.  

I have been honored with the Parents Choice Award for children’s music and the Marquette Outstanding Performance Artist Award.  

My last three years have given me a great deal of experience with the Co-op and the leadership it needs to move into the future.  I believe I can continue to contribute to the Co-op’s well being and success in the future.  


Dan Truckey 

I have been involved with Hiawatha for nearly 20 years, first as a Festival attendee, volunteer in the Main Stage area, Traffic team and Gate Ticket Tent.  For many years, I was the Area Coordinator for the Festival Workshop tents. Most recently, I have been a part of the Concert and Event Committee. 

In my professional life, I am the Director of the NMU Beaumier U.P. Heritage Center.  As museum Director, I had the opportunity to develop and showcase a celebration of the history of the Hiawatha Music Co-op named. “In the Pines, a History of the Hiawatha Music Festival” that was in full display at the Beaumier U.P Heritage Center in the fall of 2015 and traveled to several sites in the UP.  I have also coordinated and produced a local music show called the Marquette Rockestra that showcases many local musicians and developed and collaborated with Hiawatha and other arts and music organizations to put on the Winter Roots Festival in Marquette. 

You can also find me playing several instruments in the local Celtic/Irish band, The Knockabouts, having played many gigs for Hiawatha in recent years. 

Having years of experience volunteering for the Co-op and serving on the Hiawatha Concert and Event Committee, I feel I have a good understanding of the institution’s traditions and history, and also how we can move forward to attract newer members and attendees.



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