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For Performers 2022 Festival Dates are July 22-24

Our Line up is complete – please contact us in the fall of 2022 for 2023

We appreciate your time and talent and hope you will contact us in the fall of 2022 for our 2023 Festival!  

The Hiawatha Music Non-Profit Corporation is organized exclusively to provide and promote traditional music and dance, educate and inform society on traditional American music and encourage the appreciation of such music through the facility of an annual traditional music festival.

All operations are exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, and for the promotion of social welfare.

Our Main Stage Music, Teen Scene and Children’s Area Selection Committees begin work in September and generally name the mainstage acts by mid-February of the Festival year.  Please identify if you are submitting your band for our Teen Scene or Children’s Area.  

Hard copy to this address: 

The Hiawatha Music Co-op
PO Box 414
Marquette MI 49855

Please submit an electronic press kit, which ideally includes videos as well as studio recordings, and hard copies of artists’ material is always welcome. 

Submit EPK’s to:

Thank you again for your interest in our event! So many wonderful traditional musicians submit information each year. That makes our music committee’s job enjoyable, but also difficult. They take it very seriously, and we respect and appreciate all submissions. Thanks to all of you who create and promote so much good music!

General Information

Each festival begins with a Friday Night Get-Acquainted Dance, usually featuring three of our mainstage bands, with each playing about 90 minutes.

Our mainstage performances begin around noon on Saturday and Sunday and continue until midnight Saturday and 10 p.m. Sunday.

The mainstage performances are approximately one hour long. In addition, we expect artists to participate in workshops on performance days. The workshops are shared sessions and usually include local musicians. Typically, there will be a fiddle workshop with several volunteer and main stage artists in the group. Often we feature other sessions about banjo, guitar, songwriting, harmony singing, percussion or storytelling as well.

Marquette is located on Lake Superior, and the Festival takes place at the
city-owned Tourist Park on the north edge of town.


At the Festival we have a Musician’s Cafe, where performers can find meals at no cost, as well as water and coffee on hand between meals. The main stage is located next to the food tent, and there is a small dressing room at the rear of the stage.


We provide housing for performers at homes in our community. This housing is free. Typically, the homeowners camp at the Festival, so the artists can enjoy private comfortable housing.  Performers may also camp free at our Festival.

We do not pay for performer housing in hotels, motels, etc., although we can usually arrange special prices for Hiawatha artists who elect to book their own paid lodging.


We do not pay performers’ travel expenses as a separate item. We have nice regional airport about 18 miles from our Festival site. Our hospitality volunteers can transport performers to and from the airport. Our airline connections are limited, so performers who fly to Marquette should do so the day before their scheduled Festival performances.

We are a very rural area, therefore we may add a proximity clause to a performer contract.  Each contract is negotiated on a case by case basis.  We are also happy to provide performers with regional performance options to make travel to our area possible. 

Merchandise sales

The Festival manages a Merchandise Tent where we sell CDs, t-shirts, mugs, and other dry goods. The tent is open from 9 a.m. to after 11 p.m., during the Festival. To make this service possible, we charge a 15 % fee from the sales of each artist.

Thanks to our 2021 Virtual Festival line up for a great show!

  • Zoe Speaks 
  • Bruce Molsky
  • Troy Graham
  • Martha Spencer Band 
  • Eagle Spirit Dancers
  • Chicago Farmer
  • Frank Youngman
  • Sweet Water Warblers 
  • Dig Deep
  • Dom Flemons 
  • Papa Crow

No Festival in 2020

Thanks to our 2019 Festival Line Up! 
  • Lula Wiles
  • Old Salt Union
  • Po’ Ramblin’ Boys
  • Barn Owls
  • Sumkali 
  • Jeffrey Foucault with Kris Delmhorst
  • The Fitzgeralds 
  • Devil In A Woodpile 
  • Red Tail Ring 
  • T-Mart Rounders 
  • Friday Night Dance – The Westerly Winds String Band, The Johns 

Thanks to our 2018 Festival Main Stage line up for a great show!


  • Lakota John & Kin 
  • Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper
  • Steppin’ In It 
  • Vogts Sisters
  • Bone Tones
  • Roanoke
  • Steel Wheels 
  • Wild Goose Chase Cloggers
  • Foghorn Stringband 
  • Friday night Dance bands  All Strings Considered and Jive At Five 

Thanks to our 2017 Festival Main Stage line up for a great show!

  • Johnny Gillette and Sarah Mittelfelhdt
  • The Barley Jacks
  • Jayme Stone’s Folklife
  • Pert Near Sandstone
  • The Bucking Mules
  • The Cactus Blossoms
  • Sones De Mexico
  • Dan Newton & Cafe Accordion 
  • Sweetwater Warblers
  • All Strings Considered ( Friday night dance)


Thanks to our 2016 Festival Main Stage line up for a great show!

  • Jeremy Kittle Trio
  • Claire Lynch Band
  • Guy Davis
  • Red Tail Ring
  • Jonathan Byrd and the Pickup Cowboys
  • Les Poules a Colin
  • Dead Pigeons
  • Dean Magraw and Peter Oshtroshko
  • The Henrie Brothers
  • The Stolen Sweets

Thanks to our 2015 Festival Main Stage line up for a great show! 

  • Bonsoir Catin
  • The Duhk’s
  • Etra Crispy Brass Band
  • The High 48’s
  • Good and Young Band
  • Michael Waite
  • Northern Kentucky Brotherhood Singers
  • Papa John Kolstad
  • Polyphony Marimba
  • Richard Scofano

Thanks to our 2014 Festival Main Stage line up for a great show!

  • Robin and Linda Williams
  • Run Boy Run
  • Ventucky String Band
  • Teada
  • Jonathan Byrd
  • Susan Werner
  • The String Doctors- Joel Mabus and Ray Kamalay
  • Harp, Hart & Bones
  • Good Lovelies
  • Woodland Sky Native Dance
  • Teen Scene Saturday Night Dance performers
  • Tin Can Gin