Hiawatha Membership

The Hiawatha Music Co-op loves its Members!  We can't thank each of you enough for the support you give to Hiawatha through your annual Membership dues. Your Membership not only supports the Festival, it helps fund additional traditional music events during the year, gives us a cushion against unexpected expenses, and also helps us keep a small staff and office, which, in turn, helps the Festival and other events run more smoothly.


Hiawatha Music Co-op's memberships now coincide with the calendar year and run from January 1st - December 31st. Lifetime membership from the earlier days of the Music Co-op are STILL GOOD! Hiawatha will continue to honor those lifetime memberships. Life members will receive all newsletters and can vote at the annual meeting and serve on the board of directors, same as always. However, if you are a life member who can support HMC annually as part of the current program, we invite you to do so.

All Hiawatha's costs continue to rise: performer fees, venue rentals, printing, postage, taxes (yes, we pay them, even as a non-profit), etc. So please take this opportunity to support the Hiawatha Music Co-op and its commitment to traditional American music.

You can print this form, complete it and mail it with your check or credit-card information to:

Hiawatha Music Co-op
1015 N. Third St. 
Marquette, MI 49855