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2023 Main Stage Performers

2022 Main Stage Performers

2019 Main Stage Performers

2018 Main Stage Performers

2017 Main Stage Performers

2016 Mainstage Lineup

  • Guy Davis
  • The Jermey Kittel Trio
  • Johnathan Byrd and the Pickup Cowboys
  • Les Poules a Colin
  • The Claire Lynch Band
  • Red Tail Ring
  • The Henrie Brothers
  • Stolen Sweets
  • The Dead Pigeons
  • Dean Magraw and Peter Oshtroushko

2015 Mainstage Lineup

  • Bonsoir Catin
  • The Duhk’s
  • The High 48’s
  • Extra Crispy Brass Band
  • Good and Young Band
  • Michael Waite
  • Northern Kentucky Brotherhood Singers
  • Papa John Kolstad
  • Polyphony Marimba
  • Richard Scofano

2014 Mainstage Lineup

2013 Mainstage Lineup

2012 Mainstage Lineup

Thanks to these wonderful mainstage performers for all the great music at our 34rd Festival.

2011 Mainstage Lineup



2010 mainstage performers


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