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Board Meeting Minutes

Hiawatha Music Co-op NEW 2021 Board of Directors

                                                           VOTING ENDED OCTOBER 31, 2020 AT MIDNIGHT 



                                                                                              Ann Fisher 3 year term ends December 2023

I grew up in Marquette but left for college and then a career in public interest law in Detroit and Chicago, retiring in 2014 after 17 years as the executive director of the AIDS Legal Council of Chicago, an organization that, as the name implies, provided free legal services to people with HIV and AIDS.  It was a great career, and not one I could have had in the U.P.   Although I am not a musician, folk music has been the soundtrack of my life.  I met my husband on a blind date at Canterbury House in Ann Arbor and he proposed in his parents’ living room with Pete Seeger “Live at Carnegie Hall” on the record player. My parents remained in Marquette and we always had a camp in the area, so our U.P. ties stayed strong. We came to our first Hiawatha Festival with my parents the last year it was in Champion and became life members soon afterwards.  As much as our vacations allowed, we came almost every year, bringing our children and then encouraging Chicago friends to make the trip as well.  We volunteered, usually at the token booth, and collected festival posters (in fact we have a photo of Steve Martin posing under one of our Hiawatha posters at our home in Oak Park, Illinois).  We took advantage of the Chicago folk scene as well, and were regulars, and regular volunteers, at the Fox Valley Folk Festival. 

I always thought that if I ever lived in Marquette I would want to become more involved with Hiawatha.  Last month we sold our condo in suburban Chicago and made the move official.   So here I am, ready to be useful. 


What do you offer the Hiawatha Music Co-op as a Board Member?  

I am good at writing, at social media and perhaps most importantly, at Fundraising.  That is not to say that I have a secret list of funders Hiawatha has never considered, or a lot of rich friends, but just that I’ve written lots of grant proposals and reviews more and I’m not shy about asking for support for organizations I believe in.  Have been on both sides of the Board-Executive Director equation and believe strongly that an organization belongs to the Board, who represent its mission to the community, but that an executive director should generally not be micromanaged by the Board.  I am generally calm and cheerful and a good person to have in a meeting, and I am also good at making decisions, even hard ones, when decisions have to me made.  And…I love Hiawatha! 



Bobby Glenn Brown        3 year term ends December 2023

I am a lifelong resident of Marquette. I am known as an actor and director. Locals know me as Dr. Frank N Furter. Others know me as manager at Elizabeth’s Chop House or as a floral designer at Forsberg’s A New Leaf, both in downtown Marquette. I am the recipient of several awards including: the Outstanding Service Alumni Award from NMU, Put the You into Youth Award from the WK Kellogg foundation, Performing Artist of the Year from Marquette Arts and Culture Committee, the Lifetime Achievement “Icon” award from PAAC/Vista Theatre and the Lifetime Achievement in the Arts from Marquette Area Theatre awards.  I am a past Board member for Hiawatha Music Co-Op, the Marquette Arts Council, and the First Nighters Advisory Board, and the Booster Club for Forest Roberts Theatre. I have served as executive officer on all Boards and as secretary and as president for FNC for 3 terms.   I hold a Master’s of Fine Arts from UNLV, Las Vegas. I was a show boy at the Rio Resort & Casio. I have performed in a variety of venues locally, regionally and nationally – in outdoor dramas, cruise-ship, theme parks and toured with country music legend Kenny Rogers. My husband Don Roberts and I enjoy family time including camping traveling and experiencing other cultures. I have volunteered at the Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival since the 1980’s, have served as the Festival Coordinator, on the Board several years, and I have been the Area Coordinator of the Festival Info Tent for the past 8 years.

What do you offer the Hiawatha Music Co-op as a Board Member?  

As a local performer, I will continue to promote and educate the public about traditional music and the importance of it to our community.  I am willing to give 110% of my time, energy and resources to support the mission of the Co-op.  I am available to attend meetings, do committee work, and be an active member of the Board of Directors.  While having past experience of serving on local Boards, including the Hiawatha Board of Directors, I feel I have the knowledge and skills to help guide us for our need for the future.  My unique relationship with our downtown community and the arts community as well as regional and state friends and lawmakers brings support and recognition to Hiawatha. 





                                                                                            Katrina Keough 3 year term ends December 2023

The Hiawatha Music Festival isn’t just something one attends the second to last weekend in July, it is something people experience. I have had the opportunity to really “live” Hiawatha Music Festival for 36 years. I’ve danced around the May pole, played my cardboard guitar in the children’s parade, walked the logs to our campsite, and been tucked in by my parents on our blanket at Main Stage, eagerly waiting for Rhythm and Shoes. I have been raised on traditional music and Hiawatha.

My involvement as a Board Member for two terms from 2013 – 2019 and Board President in 2018 and 2019 and as the Membership Area Coordinator was driven by the example of others. All the volunteers and coordinators of Hiawatha Music Festival have acted as ambassadors of traditional music and volunteerism, and I attribute the dedication I have for Hiawatha Music Festival to them.

When we are not a chauffeur for our two boys, my husband and I enjoy being outdoors with friends and family. Whether Big Shag Lake or Lake Superior, we are never far from water. Todd and I have spent countless years enjoying Hiawatha; and without his support, I could not be as involved as I am. Board meetings, retreats, hauling tables and tents to events, manning either the membership table with me or manning the children, he has been very supportive of my love for all things Hiawatha.

My hope is that we can all continue to be ambassadors of Hiawatha Music Festival for our children so that they might carry on where we leave off.

What do you offer the Hiawatha Music Co-op as a Board Member?

I believe in the mission and vision of Hiawatha – to promote and education communities on the historical role of traditional music inner world as well as the continued relevancy of traditional music.  I would like to work with newer members on the Board to further develop the Membership Committee role at the Festival and in year round events. I would also like to utilize my experience in circumventing the barriers COVID has placed on live music events to assist in engaging our Members and community in events.  I offer my dedication to continue not only the annual Festival as a relevant source of traditional music for the UP but to support annual events that support the mission of the non-profit year round.  Secondly, I offer my past experience as a Board Member and lifelong Festival attendee and experience in all committee work including the development of the new venue, The Hiawatha Fold.  I am very dedicated to ensuring the sustainability and legacy of the Music Co-op.



                                                                                           Jenna Hartom – One year term ends December 2021


I have been attending the Festival since 1982 (from the womb), and although I have missed a few years, it has remained a priority, a meeting place for my friends and family for the past four decades.  In 2010, I began volunteering in various Festival areas such as traffic, musician’s cafe, and t-shirt sales.  In 2014, I began working as a Monitor for the Set-Up team.  I was recently active on the Festival Committee and Festival Income Recovery work group.  I am a therapist and worked in New York City with children in foster care, those with autism spectrum disorders, adults with developmental disabilities and most recently as the supervisor of the creative arts therapy program for an inpatient psychiatry unit in a large hospital in the Bronx.  Here, I supervised staff therapists, volunteers and students from various master’s degree training programs in art, music and dance/movement therapy.  I am a member of the New York and Michigan Associations of Art Therapy and a registered, board-certified art therapist with the American Art Therapy Association.  I have volunteered with Free Arts NYC, fundraised for Autism Speaks and WellLife Network, and secured a yearly grant from Materials for the Arts to benefit those with acute mental illness.

What do you offer the Hiawatha Music Co-op as a Board Member?  

I could contribute to the success of the mission of Hiawatha Music Co-op by offering support through brainstorming, contributing to grant writing, and fundraising in order to maintain the operations of the festival through the pandemic and beyond. Since I have been a lifelong attendee and contributor through years of volunteer work on the ground, I understand some of what it takes to help keep the festival running smoothly year after year. I will continue to give time, energy and resources to support the mission of HMC regardless of whether or not I am elected to the board of directors. I have made it a priority to come back and volunteer each year because it is an exceptional event which has shaped and influenced me since childhood. I envision the festival continuing for decades to come, but I know that will only be possible through continued engagement across generations. As a board member, I would treat my obligation with the same responsibility as I do all other areas of my life. As a therapist, I am used to communicating with a wide variety of people. Part of therapeutic treatment involves being consistent and reliable as a practitioner. I am in the beginning stages of starting a part-time private practice online, so will have ample time available for board meetings and events.


Hiawatha Music Co-op 2019 Annual Report

2019 Hiawatha Annual Report – 7-20-20

Hiawatha Board of Directors Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Final 2019-2023

Hiawatha Music Non-Profit By-Laws

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Hiawatha Music Non-Profit Board of Directors Meeting Minutes



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