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Board Meeting Minutes


What do you offer the Hiawatha Music Co-op as a Board Member?  

I could contribute to the success of the mission of Hiawatha Music Co-op by offering support through brainstorming, contributing to grant writing, and fundraising in order to maintain the operations of the festival through the pandemic and beyond. Since I have been a lifelong attendee and contributor through years of volunteer work on the ground, I understand some of what it takes to help keep the festival running smoothly year after year. I will continue to give time, energy and resources to support the mission of HMC regardless of whether or not I am elected to the board of directors. I have made it a priority to come back and volunteer each year because it is an exceptional event which has shaped and influenced me since childhood. I envision the festival continuing for decades to come, but I know that will only be possible through continued engagement across generations. As a board member, I would treat my obligation with the same responsibility as I do all other areas of my life. As a therapist, I am used to communicating with a wide variety of people. Part of therapeutic treatment involves being consistent and reliable as a practitioner. I am in the beginning stages of starting a part-time private practice online, so will have ample time available for board meetings and events.


Hiawatha Music Co-op 2019 Annual Report

2019 Hiawatha Annual Report – 7-20-20

Hiawatha Board of Directors Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Final 2019-2023

Hiawatha Music Non-Profit By-Laws

Click here to read:   2019 revised By-Laws

Hiawatha Music Non-Profit Board of Directors Meeting Minutes



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