Four-Year Strategic Plan

The Hiawatha Music Co-op’s Executive Committee initiated this project in 2016. The strategic planning team referenced best practices from a non-profit perspective to develop the work plan.

The team was comprised across three Executive Committees including members: Julie Foster-Lindquist, Susan Bertram, Erin Putvin-Leahy, Doug Kitchel, Katrina Keough, Joshua Thompson, and Jose Garcia. It will be the responsibility of the Executive Committee to provide guidance and support for the non-profit in alignment with this plan and to review the progress on the four-year plan annually for improvement or necessary revisions.

The Hiawatha Music Co-op’s mission is to exclusively provide and promote traditional American music, educate and inform society on traditional American music, and encourage the appreciation of such music through the facility of an annual traditional music festival. The purposes for which the corporation is formed are as follows: To operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes and for the promotion of social welfare. Furthermore, the non-profit will represent its vision and values statement by meeting its goals.

This strategic plan will augment our critical work with members, partners, and stakeholders to build a strong organization, communicate the value of the organization, and increase resources. The four-year vision is to increase the positive impact on audiences and the community while building a financially stable and adaptable organization. The goals are: (1) deepen audience and community engagement (2) continuous improvement of financial health (3) strengthen key partnerships and develop new mutually beneficial relationships (4) further enhance and extend reputation of the non-profit (5) continuously improve leadership and administration.