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Hiawatha Music Co-op Mission Statement

The Hiawatha Music Non-Profit Corporation is organized exclusively to provide and promote traditional music and dance, educate and inform society on traditional American music and encourage the appreciation of such music through the facility of an annual traditional music festival.

All operations are exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, and for the promotion of social welfare.


Hiawatha Chooses Socially Responsible Investments

The Board of Directors for Hiawatha Traditional Music Co-op, seeking to align our investments with the Co-op’s core values, have switched our investment portfolio to exclusively socially responsible investments or a “SRI” portfolio. We have been with Bell Financial for many years now who fortunately manages SRI portfolios so the switch was seamless. SRI investments are defined differently by every institution but generally follow similar screening practices for their investments. An investment that is considered socially responsible because of the nature of the business the company conducts. Common themes for socially responsible investments include avoiding investment in companies that produce or sell addictive substances (like alcohol, gambling and tobacco) and seeking out companies engaged in social justice, environmental sustainability and alternative energy/clean technology efforts. Socially responsible investments can be made in individual companies or through a socially conscious mutual fund or exchange-traded fund. We at Hiawatha are currently investing over half of our portfolio with the Calvert ( and Pax ( mutual funds.



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