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Hiawatha On TAAP (traditional acoustic arts performances)

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The Hiawatha Music Coop announces their 2018 monthly music series. Formally called Warm Up Wednesday, the series is now called Hiawatha on TAAP (Traditional Acoustic Arts Performance). This is the fourth year of this monthly concert series. Hiawatha Music Coop’s mission is to promote the performance of, education the public on, and perform traditional music. Hiawatha Music Coop is known for the traditional festival held each July. In addition, local and regional traditional music events will be performed each month, January through May, at the Ore Dock Brewing Company. The first of the series will highlight the history of traditional music in America.


Preserving the Roots – Early Influences in Traditional Music

In its early history, traditional music had roots in localized areas whether in the Appalachian Mountains, the southern Piedmont regions along the east coast to the Mississippi Delta, or even up in the wilds of the Upper Peninsula. Families, neighbors and regional communities played localized versions of older tunes and songs that had travelled to America from distant lands.

In time, new tunes and songs emerged as people expressed their own experiences through music. This music of the people came to be known as folk or traditional music. Today the term “roots music” is in popular usage.

Although the music has evolved over the decades through the “folk process”, there is rich history in the roots … history worth preserving. The Hiawatha Music Co-op has been actively preserving the early roots of traditional music and its evolved forms for 40 years.

The January 17th Hiawatha TAAP will be a fascinating journey through three traditional music roots in words, slides and music. Dan Truckey, of the Beaumier U.P. Heritage Center, will present on the early Alan Lomax field recordings in the Upper Peninsula from the 1930’s. Bill Hart, with “Fast Eddie” Consolmagno of Harp, Hart and Bones, will provide an exploration of the diversity in Country Blues with examples of Piedmont and Delta styles. Phil and Annette Watts, of All Strings Considered, will share the story and influence of the original Carter Family from their initial 1927 recording session, the so-called “Big Bang” of country music, to bluegrass and modern folk adaptations of their songs. The evening will include slides, listening to a few historically significant sound recordings and lots of live music.


Hiawatha TAAP Concert – January 17, 2018 6:00-8:00 pm

Ore Dock Brewing Company – Tap Room/Community Space


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