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2023 Board of Directors Elections

Hiawatha Music Co-op Board of Directors 2023 Nomination Procedures


All applicants must be a Member in Good Standing of the Hiawatha Music Co-op for no less than 12  months prior to the time of application.  

Applicants must have volunteered at the Annual Hiawatha Music Festival for a minimum of 3 hours and  have either volunteered at an event outside of the Annual Festival, or have had recent active  involvement on a committee. This requirement shows commitment and ensures that an applicant has  familiarity with the mission and functions of the Hiawatha Music Co-op. 

*One Virtual Board Member: this applicant must be able to attend monthly Board meetings virtually and be willing to assist with Hiawatha local events in some capacity. A Virtual Board member will be encouraged to attend the Annual Music Festival and participate there as an Area Coordinator or Monitor. This virtual position is being added to allow HMC to benefit from the skills of an interested Member who lives out of the immediate area. Existence of the Virtual Board Member position may vary per year.

All other Board Members are required to attend monthly Board meetings in person under normal  circumstances, or by prior arrangement - virtually when necessary, and to participate at Hiawatha  events held outside of the Festival on a regular basis. Board Members are expected to participate at the  Annual Music Festival in a Coordinator or Monitor position.  

An application must be completed and returned to HMC by October 7th to be considered for board  nomination.  

Votes will be tallied by the Board of Directors prior to the Annual meeting; voting results will be  announced at the Annual Meeting.  

The Annual Membership meeting is held the first Saturday in November.  

Requirements for Eligibility:  

*Must have access to and regular use of email

*Must be willing to serve on and be active in a standing HMC committee. Committee meetings last 1 hour on average

*Must be willing to attend or support an HMC activity for a minimum of 4 hours each month. This may include the monthly Board meetings. 

*Must be present for all Board meetings. Board meetings are currently held the first Wednesday of each month. During critical times, more than one Board meeting may be held per month. Most Board meetings last 2 hours. 

*New HMC Board members will be required to attend a Board Orientation program in December, before beginning the first year of their three-year term. **Maximum number of excused BOD meeting absences is three. More than three unexcused absences may be cause for removal from the Board, per Board discretion.


Board of Directors Nomination Process:  

Applications for the Board of Directors will be accepted from September 20 until October 7th.  Applications must be received by October 7th, 2022 to be considered for review.  

All eligibility requirements must be met in full; these requirements are listed under the Board of  Directors Nomination Process.  

The Executive Director will share all new Board Member applications with the Board on a weekly basis  during the submission time period. A quorum is required to move an applicant forward in the  nomination process.  

Each member of the Board will have a three-day period to review applications and cast their vote to  move the application forward in the nomination process.  

If accepted, the Candidate will receive notification via email, along with any additional information  regarding requirements for the nomination and voting process. If the application is denied, the applicant  will receive notification of denial and reasons for denial.  

Board Member Candidate information and bio’s will be posted online for the general membership to  review beginning October 11th. 

Online voting will be open to the general membership from October 12th until October 31st.  

The results of the voting process will be announced at the Annual meeting. The Annual Membership  Meeting is held the first Saturday in November.  

Voting Process:  

Candidates will make brief comments at the Annual Membership meeting, either in person or via a  virtual application. Candidates will provide a current photo and a short bio for the HMC website no less  than two weeks in advance of the Annual Meeting. Should a Candidate be unable to attend the Annual  meeting, a prepared statement may be read by an existing Board Member.  

Candidate Talking Points May Include:  

How the candidate will serve and uphold the HMC Mission. 

Experiences relevant to volunteering with HMC. 

Experiences on other non-profit governing boards. 

Outside experience relevant to any one of the HMC committees. 

Additional experiences that HMC members would find to be beneficial in supporting or  advancing the Hiawatha Music Co-op as an organization. 

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