Another fabulous weekend!  Thanks to all Area Coordinators, Monitors and Volunteers - you make it happen!!! Thanks to all the musicians, sound folks and dancers for your endless hours of music and fun! 


Mark your calendars for Festival
2015 - July 17, 18, 19


Our 2014 Main Stage Line-up!


Robin and Linda Williams

Robin and Linda Williams

Run Boy Run

Run Boy Run

Ventucky String Band Ventucky String Band            


Teada 2              

Jonathan Byrd    jonathan byrd                    

 Susan Werner  

Susan Werner                          

The String Doctors- Joel Mabus and Ray Kamalay

Ray Kamalay and Joel Mabus

Harp, Hart & Bones        

H2B, Tuning-up at Ground Zero- April 2014 Good Lovelies

Good Lovelies

Woodland Sky Native Dance


Announcing the Teen Scene Saturday Night Dance performers  

               Tin Can Gin and Dragon Wagon!!!


The HMC Archive Committee is in full swing!  You can help create an Archive Library by sending in your memories in a questionnaire that we have designed to preserve the history of the Co-op.  Take a minute and read all about it and then complete the questionnaire- email or snail mail either way is fine... or..... send it in with your Thursday Night Camping Lottery Application!  

Click on the link below



Announcing the winner of the 1st Children's T-shirt Design Contest! 

Congrats to Hannah James!  Her design was selected for the Children's T-shirt Design for 2014.   There will be youth size T-shirts for sale at the T-shirt Tent with Hannah's design on it.  Children who purchase a t-shirt ($5.00) all have the opportunity to add color to their shirt at the Children's Area.  


More Info for next year! 

Every year we receive a number of logo entries from some very talented young artists! While these designs aren’t quite what we need for the posters and OfficialT-shirts, we wanted to give these aspiring artists a chance to show off their artistic talent, and their Hiawatha Spirit!

 So this year for Festival 2014, we are going to accept submissions for a children’s T-shirt contest. The contest will be open to children ages 5-12. The winning design will be printed in black ink on a white shirt, and can be purchased at the festival for $5.  Children who purchase a shirt will have the opportunity to add color to their shirt in the Children’s Area.

Submission Guidelines For The Children’s T-shirt Contest

*Artists must be between the ages of 5 and 12.

*We will accept line drawings only.

*The image must be clear and easy to identify.

*All work must be original and created by the child artist. Image should represent the Hiawatha experience, such as the music, the surroundings, family fun, etc.   




Please bring Hiawatha your receipts from Econo Foods. We now participate in the store's We Share program and can receive 1% of the total of receipts we turn in. You may leave your receipts at our office (129 W. Baraga, Suite B, in the Children's Museum block, across from Garden Bouquet and Design). We are also able to turn in receipts from Econo stores outside of Marquette. If the office is closed, just slide receipts under the door. You may also bring receipts to any Hiawatha event or mail them to PO Box 414, Marquette, MI 49855. Thanks for your help!Econo "We Share" program

****  Office hours beginning May 9, 2014 

Regular office hours are noon to 6 p.m. Eastern   -  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

at 129 W. Baraga, Suite B, in Marquette. We check our messages throughout the week.


Hiawatha Music Co-op Mission Statement

The Hiawatha Music Non-Profit Corporation is organized exclusively to provide and promote traditional music and dance, educate and inform society on traditional American music and encourage the appreciation of such music through the facility of an annual traditional music festival.
All operations are exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, and for the promotion of social welfare. 

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